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Love, How to start?

Dear my friends, do you know how you start falling in love?
Somebody says that you may start to love only after you have known somebody. 
No, in fact, it is just on the contrary.  Most true love just come from someone you don't know but you are attracted when you first meet with each other. Do you remember how many songs express this? Do you remember how many movies describe this ? This is falling in love in first meet (一见钟情).
In fact, love comes from sexual attraction between you and your loved one. This is the foundation of love.  

But where the sexual attraction come from? Why only some special ones will attract you?
From my observation, the sexual attraction may come from two origins.

One is the prototype of love (爱的原型), The prototype of love is someone who impressed you when you are a child and leave a deep image in your mind, this someone maybe your parent, your relatives, or a movie star. However, you don't know at that time.  But when you grow up, when someone matched your prototype of love appears in your life in a good opportunity, Your love is activated and starts to burst out. the prototype of love will be with you for your whole life, from young to old, but you may not know. This is the origin of what we said the chemical reaction of love.

The other one is the familiarity of love (日久生情之爱), The familiarity of love is someone who grow up with you and live with you for a long time, especially from child to youth in your life, the long term togetherness ignite the love between you both. But there is still a condition for you to ignite the love.That is the sexual attraction and touch. Otherwise you will always keep your feeling in sister and brother status.This is what we often talked that the love is from child to youth (青梅竹马之爱).

Of cause,there may be third origin or third origin. No matter what kind origins, sexual original attraction of each other will always be the first factor to you both to a couple with true love.

Best wish for you all!

                                                                    <<Theory of Love - 爱的物语>>
                                                                                    Beizhan Liu


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