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Books - Policy Framework

3. <<Policy Framework>> 

Description: The mainly related topics of this serial book are: Policy Framework, Policy Making, Gun Control, Europe Refugee Crisis, Human Migration Management, International Management and the Development of the United Nations, Partition of Electoral District and Constituency Policy, Promotion and Tenure System, Election Politics and Head-Hunting Politics, Cultivation of Political Talents, Education Model, Ruling by People and Ruling by Law, Law Drafting and Legislation, Project Management and Value Management, Business Valuation Model, Development of Military Industry in Peaceful Time, Northern Star Economic Union, Macroeconomic Evaluation System and Ecological Environmental Cost Theory. In this serial book, the innovative concepts and theories include: Beizhan Election District Policy Framework, Beizhan General Election System, Beizhan Political Talent Cultivation Mode (Three-Three System), Beizhan Political Talent Cultivation System, Global Migration Wish Expression System based on the United Nations, Beizhan Business Valuation Model with Uniqueness, Beizhan Macroeconomic Evaluation System, GROSS DOMESTIC COST (GDC) and GROSS DOMESTIC ENVIRONMENTAL COST (GDEC), National Environmental Index, Ecological Environmental Cost Theory, Beizhan School of Thought of advocating the establishment of unified economic theory and economic management theory, Return on Public Interest Unit (ROPI unit), Return on Investment Unit (ROI unit), Return On Public Interest (ROPI), ROI / ROPI Focused Organization / Operation, Unit /Piece Value.
[描述:这本续集主要涉及到的议题有:政策框架,政策制定,枪支管理,欧洲难民危机,人类迁徙管理,国际管理及联合国的发展,选区划分和选区政策,选拔及任期制度,选举政治与猎头政治,政治人才的培养,教育模式,人治与法治,拟法和立法,项目管理和价值管理,商业评估模式,和平时期军事工业的发展,北方之星经济联盟宏观经济的评价体系和生态环境成本论。在此续集中,具有创新性的理论和概念包括:备战选区政策框架,备战普选体制,备战政治人才培养模式(三三制),备战政治人才培养系统,基于联合国的全球迁徙意愿表达系统,具有唯一性的备战商业评估模式,备战宏观经济评价体系,国民经济生产总成本(GDC),国民经济生产环境总成本( GDEC ),国家环境指数,生态环境成本论,以及主张统一的经济理论和经济管理理论的备战经济学派公共利益回报(ROPI)投资回报单元(ROI Unit公共利益回报单元(ROPI Unit)专注于投资回报/公共利益回报的组织/运营(ROI/ROPI Focused Organization/Operation),单元价值(Unit /Piece Value)。 ]

ISBN: 978-1-365-41371-1, 978-1539156062
Pages: 256
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Published Date: September, 2016

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