Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lonely - [孤寂]

Lonely Boat By Beizhan Liu
Like a small boat floating on the endless sea,
He looks at the land not far away,
He pushes hard to get to his dream,
But the distance never changes,
What he can see is always his own image on the mirror sea;

Like the last leaf stick on the tree,
He looks at the same land under his body,
He knows winter will come,
He will not be the last leaf on the tree,
He will join others on the land in winter wind;

Like the last wild camel on the desert,
Walking around with no aim,
Walking around with no stream,
He dreams he is one in a crowd when he closes his eyes,
Finally he finds it is not a reality;

Like the only grass growing from a stone,
The sunlight is strong,
The water is far beneath the earth,
The stone is hard,
The grass is lonely with lifelong.

[-- 本诗写于2004年左右]
-- Beizhan Liu

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