Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Books - Global Governance

4. <<Global Governance>> 

Description: The mainly related topics of this book are: political election, the pre-requirements for the candidates of election, political party management, discipline management, policy portfolio, global governance, global governance structure, the development of the country form of the United Nations, the relationships between the United Nations and other international entities, management main body, law judgment, legislation, basic human rights and the constitution law, Bentham theory, news media, standardized business valuation framework, city planning, and so on. In this serial book, the innovative concepts I proposed include: the development of the country form of the United Nations, Beizhan global governance thought, Beizhan global governance structure, the United Nations migration management agency, military migration administration department, the global migration wish expression system, the UN migration management tax system, WTO merged with the United Nations, the Amended Bretton Woods SystemWTO-based UN global tariff management system, unified constituency administration center, international country management policy portfolio system, revised Bentham theory, country management main body and self-management main body, and so on. Such concepts are very meaningful for managing our world more efficiently and changing our world more scientifically.


ISBN: 978-1-365-41373-5, 978-1539156154
Pages: 242
E-Book: Lulu Bookstore
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Print Book: Amazon Bookstore, Createspace Bookstore
Published Date: September, 2016

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