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Economic Wheel - Dual-wheel Driven Social Developing Mode [经济之轮 – 双轮驱动社会发展模式]

Economic Wheel - Dual-wheel Driven Social Developing Mode

[经济之轮 双轮驱动社会发展模式]

1. Introduction

When we look at the history of our human society, we can clearly and easily conclude that technology development is the impetus to drive the development of our society. For a long period, this kind technology development aimed at exploring and occupying the natural resources as more as possible and as fast as possible. We are proud that we can have advanced technologies to utilize natural resources.

However, this single technology wheel driven mode is incomplete because it ignores the balance between natural resource and human consumption of natural resource. So here I would like to advocate a new viewpoint for social development named as dual wheel driven social development mode. In this mode, environmental improvement is weighted same as technology development. The progress in environment can also lead the society to develop to a new level and revolutionarily change the face of our society.

This mode provides us a more accurate reflection on the internal mechanism to achieve a perfect and long-standing social development. This mode concludes our scattered understandings on the truth of the nature and social development to a simple theory.

2. Dual-wheel Driven Social Developing Mode

Single technology wheel driven mode is well known to nearly everybody. Here I would like to emphasis on the dual-wheel driven social development mode which I proposed.

Figure 1 shows more details about the dual-wheel driven mode. This mode weights environment as equal as technology. Technology development has impacts on human society with the convenience and efficiency it provides. The difference of technology and its application among countries make it possible for one country to get global resources (natural resources or other resources) easily through the trading of technology products. The country with technology advantages will gain capital surplus and can re-invest the capital in technology innovation to continuously keep its leading position in improving human life with new technologies. There are many examples in this area, such as: the invention and application of electronic power, the invention and application of computer, the invention and application of optical communication.

Now let's look at environmental factors. The environment advantages for a country do not means protecting environment without doing anything, it means improvement of untouched or damaged environment, supply of beneficial ecosystem, balanced supply of needed resources, supply of human culture and tourism resources. Country with such advantages can also export with its excellent tourism resources and environment management mode to win capital to re-invest in the environment issues.

Environment and technology are not totally separated. Environment related technology will also change the face of human life greatly, especially when we look at it globally. When we focus on these two issues, we may create a new era of human society: Post- Agriculture Society which may be the best development form of our society.

Figure 1. Dual-wheel Driven Social Developing Mode

3. Dual-Wheel Driven Mode and Post-Agriculture Society

Under single-wheel driven mode, we have achieved great success. We are proud of our achievements. We even think we can not only find the nature of the nature, but we can also control the nature with the nature we know. We do have controlled some of the natures, we dig tunnels, we build reservoirs, and we fly in the space. However we also produce many unexpected results: the changing of the global climate, the expanding of deserts, the shortage of waters across the world, the widening of the ozonosphere empty hole, the disappearing of species. Some of these progresses can not be easily recovered. So what's the problem? It's because we do not pay more attention to the environment when we explore natural resources with advanced technologies. With dual-wheel driven mode we can keep both technology innovation and environment innovation. Environmental protection is not just to keep the natural resource untouched. That's my different thinking on environmental protection. The application of environment innovation will finally change the face of our society to Post-Agriculture Society or other name you can word it. Some of the characteristics of agriculture society are: dispersed and self-supplied unit, reusable natural resource, etc. What will we get with the possible invention in environment in the future?

Let's see some tomorrow’s pictures:

·        Power supply: if we can find the truth of photosynthesis, maybe we can use tree and plant like facilities to supply electronic power;

·        Water supply: if we can apply the water recycling system in each house or building unit, maybe the seasonal rains plus little public water supply system are enough;

·        Buildings: if we can find a plant label to be applied to our buildings, maybe we can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity of our living room;

·        Road: if we find strong grasses which can bear the heavy weight and erosion of vehicles, we may change the reflection of sunlight and reduce the city hot-island effects;

·        Reproducibility: Natural resources we used all can be recreated;

·        Oasis Technology: Deserts around the world can be transformed to green lands with some kind environmental technologies;

4.      Conclusion

So that's what the environment technology will change our society to a Post-Agriculture Society. With the developed information technology, we can work and collaborate at home or in any place in the world. This provides us the availability of dispersibility, self-supply and reusability.

Just like the famous Indian Poet Tagore told us in nearly one hundred years ago: “God is waiting for the human being to return to their childhood in wisdom” The dual-wheel driven mode provides us a better way to recover the bad effects by the single wheel driven mode.

Figure 2 show the development direction of human society. (From nature to nature).

Figure 2. The development direction of human society

1.   引言




2.   双轮驱动社会发展模式





1. 双轮驱动模式

3.   双轮驱动模式和后农业社会



·        电力供应:如果我们能找到光合作用的真相,也许我们可以使用树木和植物一样的设施来提供电力;

·        水的供应:如果我们可以在每个房屋或建筑单元中应用水循环系统,也许季节性的雨水加上小的公共供水系统就足够了;

·        建筑:如果我们可以找到一种植物标签应用到我们的建筑物中,也许我们就可以自动调节我们居室的温度和湿度;

·        道路:如果我们发现可以承受重的车辆的重量和侵蚀的强壮的草科植物,我们可以改变阳光的反射并减少城市热岛效应;

·        可再生性:我们使用的自然资源均可以再生;

·        绿洲技术:世界各地的沙漠可以通过某种环境技术转化为绿地;

4.   总结



2. 人类社会发展方向

  The thought of this article was initialized in 2000, this article was written in 2001 and revised in 2016.

-- Beizhan Liu

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