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On Public Morality and Selfishness


In this society, we always praise the selfless noble character of the Grand Duke, and we always devalue selfish behaviors. So what is the relationship between public morality and selfishness?

The relationship between public morality and selfishness is reflected in the sociology as the relationship between public interest and individual interest. Public interests can be divided into following levels: family public interests, ethnic community public interests, community public interests, national public interests, regional public interests, country public interests, international regional public interests, and world public interests. There is only one foundation for these public interests, and that is the individual interest. The relationship between public interest and individual interest is as follows:

So what is the public interest? In my opinion, shared personal interests form public interests, and different levels of shared personal interests form different levels of public interests.

So what is personal interest? Personal interest is the wealth, rights, and what they created the social status, social influence, and better living environment required for the survival and development of each individual member of society.

Since every member of society has its own personal interests, each member of the society has its own personal and public interest structure chart. What kind priority should each member of society follow when making decisions on public and personal interests in social life? Every member of society should consider the order from personal interests to world interests.

In social life, members of society always pursue the greatest personal interests, such as: earning more money, being constantly promoted, living in a better house, and so on. Of course, social morality requires us to be consistent with the public interests when pursuing the greatest personal interests.

This theory can be proved by many facts, for example: “Even the dog swaggers when its master wins favor”. This idiom expresses the typical fact that personal interests and ethnic public interests develop together. Another example: Many countries and regions oppose carbon taxes, it is because the world public interests conflict with regional public interests, and regional public interests have priority.

Our shared founding father, Mr. Sun Yat-sen, has always advocated the idea of ​​"
The world is equally shared by all. ", then is it truly selfless to be the world equally shared by all? The claim that the world is equally shared by all is also based on personal interests (selfishness). This is because the advocation of ​​being public is the best way to maximize his individual's merits and achieve his greatest leadership and influence, that is, to achieve his personal merit and achievement. So, selfishness is still the foundation. In simple terms: lovers must love themselves. Self-love means: love yourself, love kinsfolk, love parents, love children, love brothers and sisters, love hometown, love nation, and love country. Only those who love themselves will love others and truly realize the claim that the world is equally shared by all.

This theory has a strong guiding significance for realistic government work. For example, in the work of helping the poor, the interests of border region ethnic minorities must be considered, and the interests of officers’ own hometowns must be considered more, and must be considered with priority. Only in this way can we straighten out the interests, ethnic relations, and community relations, and we can obtain more support and acclaims from their surrounding people, and we can also obtain greater personal interests.

I hope that this article will enable everyone to have a very clear understanding of the relationship between personal interests and public interests, and to provide theoretical guidance for various decisions.


公德心和私心的关系在社会学上就体现为公共利益和个体利益的关系。公共利益又可层次性地分为: 家庭公共利益,族裔社区公共利益,社区公共利益,民族公共利益,区域公共利益,国家公共利益,国际区域公共利益和世界公共利益。而构成这些公共利益的基础就只有一个,那就是个体利益。公共利益和个体利益的关系见下:


那么,什么是个人利益呢? 个人利益就是每一个单个的社会成员生存与发展所需要的财富,权力,以及由此所产生的社会地位,社会影响力和较好的生存环境







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